If you're channeling all the fairytale romantic vibes on your big day, you might want to take a peek at this beautiful Grand Island Mansion affair. 

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You guys got me!! Last night I hosted a very special Facebook live announcing something amazing and all the messages, text, phone calls still have my head spinning. I am overwhelmed with the love!! Last night I announced my official leap into full-time photography. What makes this funny is that many of you already considered […]


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How did I get here? I was in a funk and I couldn’t seem to get out. I was posting pictures, some of my best work for sure, but no one seemed to be engaged like they used to be. I could feel my frustrations rising as I saw other photographers having engaging fun conversations […]


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I have always loved educating whoever was willing to listen. No seriously did you know I used to do hair tutorials?! And a side funny note, I have been considering doing makeup tutorials for the more seasoned woman, LOL…I know right. Whether it be my son and husband, who let’s be honest, my hubby is mainly […]


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I wanted a Christmas card that showed how cute and adorable we were. I was going to take the picture myself, I am a professional after all! It was going to be epic, Craig was going to look handsome like he always does, Todd was going to be cooperative and have a GREAT attitude about […]


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I remember bringing home my first ever DSLR camera. It was the Canon T5I crop censor and I remember reading the manual cover to cover as Charlotte eyed me suspiciously in and out of her slumber. It was about midnight when I was done reading and my battery was fully charged. I loaded in the […]


You Got the Bling...
Now What?!

Every time you look down at your ring finger, a smile crosses your face. But, now what?! Here are some tips for keeping that gorgeous rock photo ready!

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Thank you for checking out my blog, where you will see snippets of my life, my amazing clients, and from time-to-time, my crazy dogs, Samson and Rico!

My husband, Craig, and I love raising our son, Todd, in beautiful Idaho, but you can often find us traveling all over the west coast to visit family and attend football camps. I have been blessed to photograph weddings all across the United States and am excited to expand internationally. I am a lover of film and timeless romance and I love telling my couples' stories here on the blog.

So, sit back, relax with a snack or a bevvie, and scroll through the beautiful photos I've been blessed to create, the adventures I've been blessed to take, and the experiences I've been blessed to share with you all.

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