Nicole and Dylan’s Fairytale Grand Island Mansion Wedding

August 27, 2020

Hayden got to watch his mom and dad get married at their beautiful Grand Island Mansion wedding. He got to put on the cutest little tux and his mama brushed his hair just right. He wore a sign he couldn’t read just yet and watched as his mom and dad exchanged rings, tears, and kisses. He walked back down the aisle with his parents knowing something special had just happened. Because mama had on the prettiest dress he had ever seen and dad….well, dad looked like the princes he had been reading about in his story books. They were now officially a family, something I am sure Hayden already felt from the first kiss and hug from his parents.

Nicole was a bundle of nerves and excitement as she got the finishing touches on her hair and make-up before putting on her gown. Tears started to flow as this moment that she had been planning for over a year was finally coming true. All of the stresses from the cancellations and reschedules due to Covid, making this day almost impossible, washed away with each tear. Now was the time when her little family would officially come together. Nicole is a theater actress so it was no surprise to her loved ones that she wanted a grand wedding not lacking any detail.

As Dylan stood with his back turned in the small dining hall, he wore an anxious smile. When he felt the tap on his shoulder, he turned and was completely blown away at the woman that stood before him. Nicole, dripped in a Pnina Tornai gown, looked far from the princess he met and more like the queen he was about to marry. He couldn’t stop the tears from springing from his eyes, and as she later walked down the aisle towards him, the tears continued to flow. This was a man that loved his family and wanted to make Nicole his wife.

To say this Grand Island Mansion wedding was beautiful would really be an understatement, with florals dripping from the ceiling and a ceremony site that could challenge even the best wedding planner, Nicole and Dylan had their perfect fairytale wedding. More importantly, though, they had their family!

Venue: @grandislandmansion
Gown: @pninatornai
Gown Purchased: @kleinfeldbridal
Cake Designer: @emma_cakery
Florals, Ceremony & Reception Design: @cldecordesign
Hair Stylist: @statussalonagency
MUA: Huong Vo @huongggggiggles
Wedding Planner: @somethingplannedevents
Video: @Shanagarrettfilms

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