Summer Goodness

July 20, 2017

How did I get here? I was in a funk and I couldn’t seem to get out. I was posting pictures, some of my best work for sure, but no one seemed to be engaged like they used to be. I could feel my frustrations rising as I saw other photographers having engaging fun conversations on their post, blogs, you name it their feeds were buzzing! I was tired, well actually exhausted and ready to just shut down my social media accounts, okay not really, me with no social media, yah right!! I was working full time, coaching track and in the height of my wedding season. Between 70+ kids asking what they should be doing, working at the school AND edits coming out of my ears I was ready to crawl into bed for the summer and watch Real Housewives on repeat and eat popcorn till I popped! My husband would gently remind me, summer is almost here and you will have time to focus on your passion..and he was right. My assistant Tyler was another voice of truth…”your not blogging anymore, your not posting personal post anymore, and I miss it, and that is what made people connect to you.” Hmmmm I furrowed my brow and looked through my feeds, no blog in like forever, lol…nothing personal in months he was right!! Where have I been??

Well I am back people, and what a way to start out than with a personal blog!! The summer sunshine brought lots of vitamin c for me and my business. The summer sunshine brought back my smile and excitement and I am so excited to start sharing with you again! Sometimes it takes a little getaway with family to refresh and remember why I am doing this and how I won’t let overwork and lack of sleep stop me from sharing my heart, my work, and my knowledge of the business with you.

If you are feeling overwhelmed maybe it is time to unplug and do a little soul searching, sit out in the sun for a bit, grab an ice tea and your favorite book, even if just for an hour! If you find social media a little daunting break it up and post something fun about yourself or something fun you are working on, don’t just post pretty pics maybe post a behind the scenes so people know there is a human behind that camera!!

On a fun note, I have a HUGE announcement, but you have to tune into my Facebook Live Tuesday @7pm PT to hear all about it. I am buzzing…Tuesday can’t come fast enough!!

  1. Marisa says:

    Yes!!! Love this! I am so excited to follow your journey!

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