You Made Me Cry!

July 26, 2017

You guys got me!! Last night I hosted a very special Facebook live announcing something amazing and all the messages, text, phone calls still have my head spinning. I am overwhelmed with the love!! Last night I announced my official leap into full-time photography. What makes this funny is that many of you already considered that, and believed in me before I believed in myself. I just got off of the phone a few mins ago with a bride, and she just laughed an said, “finally you are doing what we already knew you were called to do”. WHOA! Look at me always last to know, lol! I am not going to get into every single detail of the video but I go over some of the awesome highlights that are coming to clients & photographers!! I will also post a link to the full video below.

#MakingWavesMonday is coming back y’all!! I am so excited to share tips for clients of all categories, brides, grooms, family, maternity, you name it there will be something for you. You can find Making Waves Monday the second and fourth Monday of every month!!









Tip Tuesday’s!! I am so excited to have learning geared towards photographers and business owners. This will be mainly geared towards the photography industry but I truly believe there are some basics that every business owner should have to get them started. Tune in every Tuesday except the second Tuesday of the month where I will be hosting #TuesdaysTogether. I am even more excited to be launching a five week class all around the basics of how to JumpStart your business. Some of you have been sitting on the fence, well no longer, register today for this FREE class!! Classes do not require registration but if you would like to receive follow up content and free downloads fill out the contact list so I can make sure to reach out as new information is being shared!








Come along with me via my Instagram page at @typentecost I will be sharing on my stories how, what, when and where!! This will be a great chance to continue to learn from me while on location!! It will be real live time, so see some behind the scenes, as well as some goofs, lol.





Last but not least every single Wednesday on my Instagram or FB or both you will see beautiful wedding inspiration! From gorgeous veils to beautiful reception halls, it will be something fun to get you inspired for our big day!!







Lastly, I am officially offering mentoring sessions for photographers!!  Whether you need a refresh or actual learning there is a little something for everyone! Check out my mentoring page for more information. Ty Pentecost Photography Mentoring Opportunities.








Wrapping up I just have to say THANK YOU!! Thank you for all the love, support and just encouraging me on this new adventure. I can’t wait to see us all learn, grow, and get better together!!

Watch the full video here!




  1. May Lynne Gill says:

    Congratulations on this great leap into your future!!! I KNOW you will be successful, because you are already FABULOUS at what you do! So pleased for you!!!

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