If you're channeling all the earthy, romantic vibes on your Big Day, you might want to take a peek at this beautiful Kennolyn Hacienda Estate affair. 

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Have you ever been at a wedding, caught a little glimpse of the wedding cake, then literally salivated? No…just me? Let’s be honest, if you love cake (like me), then you have probably seen some amazing cakes! So, you’re at a wedding. You’ve done a little dancing and had a little champagne and that yummy […]


As a long time wedding photographer, I’ve seen more wedding trends than I can count. From sepia-toned wedding photos to burlap and lace and everything in between, I’ve seen it all. Some of these trends fail. Some stick around for a long, long time (some longer than they should haha!). But, one trend I’m LOVING […]


So…you’re planning a wedding?! Oh, girl, I know all about that exciting, happy, fun, and stressful time! Wedding planning is a bit like a rollercoaster. One minute you’re excited and things are looking up, then the next you’re plunging into the stress abyss. It’s literally a rollercoaster of emotions! And, while I always remind my […]


After finding your wedding venue, photography is usually next on the list. In some cases, you may have received a strong referral from a friend. Or, maybe you’re starting this process from scratch. Whether it is a referral or you’re literally googling wedding photographers in your area, one thing is vitally important: asking the right […]


Growing up, I would find myself drawn to what made people different. I wanted to know everything about their culture and even their family traditions. So, it is no shocker to my friends that I would end up majoring in history. Learning about the beautiful customs passed down for generations really made me want to […]


You Got the Bling...
Now What?!

Every time you look down at your ring finger, a smile crosses your face. But, now what?! Here are some tips for keeping that gorgeous rock photo ready!

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