If you're channeling all the fairytale romantic vibes on your big day, you might want to take a peek at this beautiful Grand Island Mansion affair. 

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two high school seniors pose for photos on Baker Beach in San Francisco, even if being a teen in 2020 is weird

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2020 is weird, y’all. And, as the mother of a teen, I know that being a teen in 2020 is probably even more weird. It’s been a struggle watching so many high schoolers, my own son included, navigate quarantine, modified high school, prom, sports, graduation, and so many other things during this crazy time. The […]


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I know…I know! You all know me as a natural light photographer, and for those of you who have been ridin’ with me from the beginning know I started with portraits using a single light set up. I quickly ditched the flash and decided that natural light was my thing and I only wanted to […]


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Ummmm no I am not talking about a dance move! I am talking external hard drives. Not anywhere near as sexy as the dance I had in my mind, but still kinda hot none-the-less. No let’s get serious, if you are a professional photographer or just a novice weekend warrior it is important to back […]


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What would this year be without some awesome crazy moments!


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As I type this you are probably on your phone scrolling through your “competitions” Instagram, yah you, I am talking to you. You have looked at your work side-by-side with theirs and slammed the laptop shut in frustration! Then you walk to the fridge to get a snack, probably chocolate. As you sat there staring into space eating your chocolate, […]


You Got the Bling...
Now What?!

Every time you look down at your ring finger, a smile crosses your face. But, now what?! Here are some tips for keeping that gorgeous rock photo ready!

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