The Perfect Christmas Card

December 7, 2016

I wanted a Christmas card that showed how cute and adorable we were. I was going to take the picture myself, I am a professional after all! It was going to be epic, Craig was going to look handsome like he always does, Todd was going to be cooperative and have a GREAT attitude about missing a little 2k, since he was trying to get a shoe deal and all, and more importantly Samson was going to cooperate and sit there like the perfect little dog he is.


I rushed off of work ready to take the perfect picture in front of my shamelessly fake perfect tree, with my totally cooperative child and best trained chocolate lab. Welllllll let’s just say only one of us was ready to go. Craig of course was handsome as always and ready to go. The kid took some convincing and after a brief stint of wanting to wear holey socks we were able to get the kid on board, he even took a few pics. I fiddled with the lighting which didn’t seem to want to be cooperating, because it could not of course be user error, and I eyed the mutt, I mean Samson. He paced like a caged tiger back and forth around the living room, like he knew I was going to ask something of him and he was just waiting for the chance to “show out”.  I quickly grabbed a few tortilla chips knowing that was his kryptonite. I hit the timer after deciding the lighting was just going to have to do, and sat into position. After about 25 takes, this was about the best we could get out of the pooch!


So the moral to my Christmas card story….we are imperfectly perfect in his eyes…that’s my story and I’m stickin to it!

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