November 26, 2016

I remember bringing home my first ever DSLR camera. It was the Canon T5I crop censor and I remember reading the manual cover to cover as Charlotte eyed me suspiciously in and out of her slumber. It was about midnight when I was done reading and my battery was fully charged. I loaded in the battery and inserted the SD card and I squealed with excitement. I had no idea in that moment that photography would end up being my career. Charlotte sat up on the bed with her big brown eyes wide now, I guess all the bouncing made it too challenging for her to sleep. I set the camera to auto and as I pointed the camera right at Charlotte the flash popped up and ‘snap’ there was the first picture ever taken by me. I quickly snapped another because Charlotte was one hard girl to catch on camera. As soon as you pointed a phone her direction her little face would point the other direction and so the dance would go on for minutes trying to catch her looking at you. 

I’ve since caught Charlotte on camera, even this Thanksgiving weekend she was caught playing hide n go seek with the girls as she tried to blend in with the seat cushions. There are so many pictures of Charlotte in her Christmas pajamas always running opposite direction of the camera. I had so much fun photographing Charlotte throughout the years as I learned my camera. There is one pic that I just couldn’t snap but will be forever burned into my memory and that is Charlotte in my husbands arms as I know her soul was at the most lavish dog park in Heaven. Today my first muse was laid to rest and she will be forever missed. She will be remember as Charlotte, Char, Harlet, Littles, Turd Bucket, Mini Mouse and my favorite Charlotte Mama’s. RIP Charlotte 11/26/2016

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