If you're channeling all the fairytale romantic vibes on your big day, you might want to take a peek at this beautiful Grand Island Mansion affair. 

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Last night was amazing!! I talked all about the 5 things I did to really JumpStart my business and now I am sharing everything I did with you!! I remember first starting out and totally feeling like a fish out of water, lol. I applied these 5 things and I could see how different my […]


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Last week Sasha and I did a Facebook Live and we talked all about make-up and the importance to be camera ready. Here are a few of our favorite tips to help you feel confidant for your close up!   Want to know some pros and cons about makeup artists? Some pros about makeup artists […]


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When it comes to having a smooth and stress free wedding, having a rockin timeline is key! I have been fortunate enough to photograph a lot of beautiful couples on their big day, and the brides who seem to have less stress are the ones who have built out a strong timeline, and are able […]


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I have always loved educating whoever was willing to listen. No seriously did you know I used to do hair tutorials?! And a side funny note, I have been considering doing makeup tutorials for the more seasoned woman, LOL…I know right. Whether it be my son and husband, who let’s be honest, my hubby is mainly […]


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So let’s talk about the rings. When I first started wedding photography I knew I wanted to capture rings in their beautiful brilliance. I didn’t have the gear I have now to capture them the way I really wanted but I wanted to capture them non the less. The wedding band represents something so important like, […]


You Got the Bling...
Now What?!

Every time you look down at your ring finger, a smile crosses your face. But, now what?! Here are some tips for keeping that gorgeous rock photo ready!

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