Being a Teen in 2020

October 14, 2020

2020 is weird, y’all. And, as the mother of a teen, I know that being a teen in 2020 is probably even more weird. It’s been a struggle watching so many high schoolers, my own son included, navigate quarantine, modified high school, prom, sports, graduation, and so many other things during this crazy time.

The thing that hurts my heart most is all the teens who missed out on their senior proms and graduation. I remember these things were such an awesome part of my high school years! They are for most teens! I can’t imagine the pain they suffered missing out on these major events. They’ve been robbed of memories that are known as iconic in the U.S. And that’s a dang shame, friends.

The good thing is that you can still preserve these fun memories for your teen. While they may not have a traditional prom or graduation ceremony, they can still have some nice photos to celebrate this special time in their lives. And, that’s exactly what Janette and Charles did.

My thoughts are, even if being a teen in 2020 is weird and they can’t have the memories of these awesome events, then at least they can have some gorgeous photos of the fun time they had together!

  1. Stephanie Weber says:

    I love these, how cute are they! I agree, this time is really weird for them, but they will take all these lessons and appreciate life that much more. We have to think on the bright side.

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