Why Hire a Wedding Planner: Interview with a Pro

May 8, 2020

So…you’re planning a wedding?! Oh, girl, I know all about that exciting, happy, fun, and stressful time! Wedding planning is a bit like a rollercoaster. One minute you’re excited and things are looking up, then the next you’re plunging into the stress abyss. It’s literally a rollercoaster of emotions! And, while I always remind my couples that this special time is meant to be fun and exciting, I know that it comes with a whole set of challenges and stresses.

This is why hiring a wedding planner is so important. It’s literally one of the first pieces of advice I share with newly engaged couples! Many couples ask themselves, why hire a wedding planner? Is it worth the expense to hire a wedding planner? Will hiring one really help me? Well, here I am shouting from the rooftops…YES!

On this week’s podcast episode of #togdiaries, I talked with professional wedding planner, Ramona Arnold, owner of Simple Country Weddings. Ramona is one of my favorite planners to work with – she’s kind, detail-oriented, and a design goddess. She’s the boss babe you need to help you have a fun, stress-free wedding day and planning experience!

In this episode, we talk about A TON of important topics, including…

The difference between a planner and a coordinator.

The perks of hiring a planner not only as a “yes man,” but also as a voice of honesty and realism.

The value of having peace of mind on your wedding day.

The way you can save money by accessing special vendor pricing.

The importance of having an experienced, cohesive, and professional team backing you on your wedding day.

So, if you’re undecided about hiring a wedding planner, take a listen to the episode below. I promise it’ll help you with your decision!

Have a wedding planner you recommend? Have questions? Leave a comment below!

All decor & design pictured here by Simple Country Weddings.
All photos by Ty Pentecost Photography.

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