The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Cakes

June 24, 2020

Have you ever been at a wedding, caught a little glimpse of the wedding cake, then literally salivated? No…just me? Let’s be honest, if you love cake (like me), then you have probably seen some amazing cakes!

So, you’re at a wedding. You’ve done a little dancing and had a little champagne and that yummy cake has finally landed at your table. You can’t wait to dig in, only to be disappointed as dry lifeless cake hits your palette. Or what about those tasty cakes, but before they hit your table they’ve got a little lean going on…kinda like one touch might send that cake straight to the floor?

You all know what I’m talking about! But, now you’re the bride and you’ve decided this will NOT be you! You will have the most beautiful AND tasty wedding cake out there! Well, here are a few tips to consider before hiring your cake designer. 

  1. Do a thorough background check! Find out how long they have been in business, how many weddings they have done, and ask for a few references.
  2. Schedule a tasting! Do not skimp on this part (I mean, it’s really the best part)! They may have the most extravagant looking plate in all of America, but if it tastes like cardboard, will it really be worth it? Make sure the cake passes your taste test. There are more than enough designers out there who do amazing work AND know how to bake their butts off!
  3. Find out what they specialize in! They may have a signature design or flavor that they have mastered over the years that might really set them apart from the competition. Most designers have the ability to tweak designs to match your color, dress, and the theme of your day.
  4. Find out how they will embellish the cake! Flowers are a common embellishment on cakes, and coordination between your florist and the cake designer will need to happen with help from either you or your wedding planner. Ensuring that both parties are on the same page can make the difference in the final design of your cake.
  5. Ask how the cake will survive the wedding day! This is super important! It can be the difference between that leaning cake we described, or even a melting cake, and a beautiful, long lasting decorative part of your wedding day. Make sure to let your designer know where the cake will be displayed. Outdoors during the summer vs. indoors in air conditioning may make a difference as to when the cake is put out or even what ingredients they use.

Wedding cakes can be a fun and amazing way to customize your day. And, they’re truly works of art that can add a gorgeous decorative touch to your day. How you display them, the taste, and the look all matter in that customization. It’s your day so get as creative as you want!

Check out few of the amazing wedding cake designers that I had the pleasure of shooting for at a recent magazine cover and spread with Real Weddings magazine!

Ettore’s Bakery & Cafe

Baker & A Black Cat

Batter Up Cakery

Frank’s Cakes

Above & Beyond Cakes

Something Sweet Bakery

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