Getting it Done in her Forties!

August 21, 2020

Friends. Today’s blog post has to be one of my recent favorites. If you remember, a few weeks ago I posted about turning 45 and what that means to me as a woman, mother, wife, and entrepreneur. So, to be hired for grad photos for a fellow 40-something woman means the whole world to me!

Meet Melissa – a 47 year old woman, wife of 25 years, amazing mom, soon-to-be grandma, and recent graduate. Melissa’s story is so inspiring and amazing!

Like many of us, Melissa started college straight out of high school. Shortly after beginning, she got engaged and then married and put her education on hold. After having three children, she went back to school. With just two courses left, she had some major life events occur that made her stop again.

So, flash forward to two years ago. After a 24-year career, her company shut their doors, leaving her with no job and a lot of questions. Facing some major life decisions, she chose to finally achieve that dream she’d had for so long.

Melissa started at Fresno University in 2018 and quickly got her Bachelor’s Degree. In 2019, she returned to Merced College to get her AA. In May of 2020, she graduated with an AA in Social & Behavioral Sciences and a BA in Organizational Leadership!

Melissa, it was such an honor to take these grad photos for you! You are an inspiration and deserve all of the love, honor, and recognition in the world!

Venue: West 12 Ranch Lodi

  1. Melissa says:

    Thank you so much for the share on the blog! It was such a great way to celebrate my accomplishment doing these photos.
    Xoxo Melissa

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