What I Wear to Photograph Weddings

May 27, 2020

What an honor it is to be selected as a photographer for the biggest event you will ever plan: your wedding! There’s so much planning that goes into weddings on my end…timelines, equipment, locations, shot lists, and even what to wear to photograph weddings! Yes, what I wear to weddings is something I put a lot of thought into! Looking great and feeling comfortable on wedding days lets me focus on what’s most important: creating beautiful, timeless photos of your most precious memories.

When I first started photographing weddings I would try to find colors to match the bridal party. It was my way of giving a small nod to all the fun activities happening around me, and to feel like I was making an effort to match the wedding. However, I quickly realized in my early budding career that some colors reflect harshly on white wedding gowns, even when standing a few feet apart. So, I soon ditched that wardrobe plan for something more practical.

Today, it’s obvious that plus size wardrobe has come a long way and I love the cute, sassy, and professional options I have to wear on a wedding day. So here are a few things I love to wear when I am photographing weddings!

Pockets are a Must!

I love being able to have pockets, on a wedding day! You might find lens caps, snacks, and even film stuffed into my pockets. 

I am a sucker for a jumpsuit!

Jumpsuits allow me the freedom to move around easily on a wedding day. They have a slightly sassy and modern vibe, all while giving me lots of comfort. 

Cute capri slacks and a shirt

Capri slacks can really come through on a hot summer day. Finding a breathable fabric is even more clutch. You can dress these up with a nice flowing blouse or layer it with a tank and blazer. 

I love dresses!

Two years ago I would have never considered a dress! As a plus size gal, I hate it when my thighs rub together, BUT squeeze on a pair of Spanx and problem solved! I will even throw a pair of cotton shorts underneath my dresses. I love to wear something with a subtle hint of color, and for summer weddings, a breathable material is a must.

one of the best things to wear while photographing a wedding - a stylish dress with pockets in a neutral color

Now let’s talk shoes…

This is honestly one of the most important decisions I make the morning of a wedding. I used to bring two to three different pairs of shoes to a wedding and change multiple times throughout the day. I sometimes still do this if I have weddings back to back. This allows me to stay comfortable and pain free throughout the day. I have also found that a cute pair of Skechers can help me make it through a ten to twelve hour wedding. I have literally tried every recommended brand of shoe on the market: flats, ankle boots, heels you name it. But Skechers is the only thing that takes my mind off of my feet and back to the work at hand. And, bonus, they have tons of comfortable, long-wearing options that still look nice!

one of the best answers to what to wear to photograph weddings: comfortable, yet nice-looking shoes by Skechers

I really do take the time to think through my wardrobe on wedding days. I want to represent my clients in the best light possible, all while being comfortable so that I can focus on my job. Worrying about uncomfortable clothing and aching feet does nothing but distract from capturing amazing wedding photos. And, that’s the last thing I need to be distracted from!

Do you have any go-to ideas for what to wear to photograph weddings? Comment below and share with us!

Ty Pentecost showing a typical outfit for what to wear to photograph weddings

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