What if You Fail?

April 2, 2016

So what? You fail! You are a failure! Sounds horrible right? Is it weird that a small part of me wants to be a failure? I know sounds like I may have lost it a tad, but maybe I have. I have written blogs before around being safe, not taking risk, finding a style and sticking to it like white on rice. As a photographer work speaks to our hearts and we may look at the work and start to dissect it bit by bit so that we can attempt to recreate it, with our own twist of course. Or maybe we have an idea in our head and we are burning to give it a try, but it puts us outside of our comfort zone.

Sometimes the overwhelming fear of failure keeps us bound like a straight jacket. It can cause frustration and anger by our own inability to create what is inside of us. So that leads me to the question, what if you fail? So What! Failure comes along with the business we are in. If we are ever to take our art to the next level, we have to fail at a few attempts, or several. Walt Disney was told he lacked imagination when he was fired by his newspaper editor. He had several other business failures, but he kept pressing. Could you imagine if he had of listened to that editor? Snow White would have been a figment of his imagination rather than a queen who had some awesome friends. As a business owner mistakes are bound to happen, as an artist mistakes are bound to happen, failure is inevitable. Pick yourself back up, dust yourself off, and try try again, those failures will eventually be your breakthrough to some amazing successes.

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  1. Love this! You my dear, may fall down, may have set backs, and yes probably a couple failures! But you will never be anything less than a Child of the One True King. And therefore never less than someone very wonderful!

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