West 12 Ranch: Sasha

August 19, 2015

It’s not every day you come across a teen that has a heart of gold and a heart for God. She doesn’t hide her walk with the Lord, if anything Sasha is living out loud. I had the pleasure of photographing Sasha for her local high school track team and it was there we made the connection that we also were in yoga together. This lady is on the move, she is active in her church, her school and has a passion for sports. She is an athlete, and of course she gets extra brownie points for participating in the best sport in the world “track”!

She was so much fun to photograph and on the car ride I was a little nervous about what to talk about with a teen, well easy sports and church! I love how these pictures came out of Sasha, she is simply stunning and for her first time modeling I think she did phenomenal!!

These natural outdoor photos came out awesome and thank you to 12 West Ranch for providing a beautiful back drop.

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