We Moved to Idaho!

December 4, 2020

This California girl moved to the boonies of Idaho! No literally! When you live in a state that has 39 million people and you move to a place that has under 2 million people, and less than 1% of those are people that look like you, it can feel like you are out in the middle of nowhere! Add on to that the fact that we moved to a farm, and voila! You are now in the cuts my friend!

I often joke to my friends that I moved into a really really small area, like Friday Night Lights small. Except even they had an Applebee’s (and we don’t). My husband rented the house we are in now pretty much sight unseen. I wasn’t even in Idaho to help with that decision. I went from a brand new large (at least, large for Cali) home to a farm house surrounded by, well, farms! We’re cramped in here, all three humans, two dogs, and two cats, and it feels like home!

I know you didn’t expect that one right, not from this city girl. But let me tell you a few of the things I have fallen in love with here in Idaho!

I get to look out my window and see deer families strolling across the front yard. I get to watch my dogs run through the fields. Did I mention we lost Samson recently in the corn rows?! When we finally found him he had made it almost half a mile through the corn and was shaking and covered in goat heads, lol. I get to see wild turkey running along the path and listen to the river as I take my morning walks. When I rest my head, I don’t hear neighbors having late night parties or sirens rushing down the street. It is literally silence! Pitch black because of the lack of street lights and just plain silence. And, can I tell you something?! I have grown to love it. 

What I love the most is watching my son, I talk about him a lot on my social media platforms I know. But seeing my son thriving has been amazing. He had a job for a short time at the local coffee shop; he can make an amazing white chocolate mocha. He has a little girlfriend, he’s carrying straight A’s, and now he is being recruited by some amazing colleges. Did I mention his football team played for the state championship title?! I mean, talk about having an amazing senior year experience!! 

I don’t know what the future holds here, but what I can say is I have been invited to hang out more times than I can count, our family has been loved on and welcomed by the community here in Homedale, and now I am doing something even more crazy!! Opening a studio!

So what does this mean for my Cali clients and friends? You’ll still have me once or twice a month! I will be servicing California and I am so excited about it! I get a chance to see my family on my return visits and grab coffee with my favorite gals!

Cheers to continuing on with life’s amazing adventures!!

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