Victor & Jennifer: Stow Lake

November 29, 2015

So we all hear these cute stories of how people meet and fall in love and Victor and Jennifer are no different. Although their fairy tell started out a little bumpy they were able to overcome their own personal misfortunes to find room in their hearts for one another. Jennifer was battling PTSD from being robbed when she first met Victor who was dealing with his own tender heart after a failed marriage.  After being off of the dating website Plenty of Fish for some months, Jennifer felt it was the right thing to do but to respond to Victor with a “Dear John” when she received a message from him. Victor wasn’t the first one to receive this message, however he was the first to capture Jennifer’s attention. After months of correspondence they finally decided to meet, and in true Jennifer fashion, making sure her safety came first, she agreed to meet Victor on the Bart.

It was a rainy day and after a Bart ride around the city they decided to take a stroll around Jennifer’s job. She say’s it was the umbrella, but I say it was fate, either way with her view obstructed she walked right into a pole. Through tears of pain and embarrassment they had their first kiss. That moment sealed their fate and they have been together every since.

Fast forward to Jennifer’s birthday and Victor had a fun scavenger hunt in place, including clues on her Facebook wall. The hunt led them all over the city full of memories that they had shared together, until finally they ended up at one of their favorite ice cream shops and he crouched down getting something from her pocket, her heart was racing and she felt like a scene from a romantic movie was going to play out. Thoughts rushed through her mind, thinking things were happening to soon, and before she knew it…wait for it….Victor busted out a gift card to Red Lobster. In May they returned to that special spot and Jennifer made a joke that it would be funny if he proposed in that spot, and they laughed, only Victor did have something planned.

Victor took Jennifer back to that pole of pain only to propose in that very spot. He told her he had something to show her on his phone , and it was a video of friends and family convincing Jennifer to “say yes!!!”and before she knew it Victor had got down on one knee and proposed.

I loved every minute of hearing about this creative and romantic proposal. I had the chance to photograph their adorable engagement session at Stow Lake and talk about romantic! I love couples in love, and Victor and Jennifer are just that. They have such a mutual respect and tenderness with each other that really came through in every image. They are truly the guarders of each others hearts and I can’t wait to photograph their adorable wedding next year.


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