Valentine Cuff Trunk Show

June 21, 2016

A few months back I had the pleasure of being a vendor at a Diann Valentine trunk show. I was even more excited to check out my amazing friend Tracy’s new bridal shop I Do Bridal in Oakland, CA. Tracy is running a high end boutique with some of the most amazing dresses I have ever seen right in the heart of the Bay Area. So what would be more fitting then for Diann Valentine, an Oakland native, to showcase her amazing Valentine Cuff Spring 2016 Collection at I Do Bridal.

Diann Valentine started from humble beginnings to become THE wedding and event planner for the stars. She has worked for Hollywood royalty, but her awesomeness doesn’t stop there with producing wedding themed shows for WeTV and becoming a speaker and designer.

So let’s get into this cuff honey! It’s takes a certain level of confidence to rock THE CUFF! Specifically designed for brides who want to showcase their stunning gowns and don’t want a bulky bouquet competing with their dress details as they are walking down the aisle. I had a chance to touch and feel the cuff and let me tell you, the florals feel soft and lush and if not having touched it I would have thought that the florals were actually real. The texture was soft and gorgeous and the crystals set the whole cuff off. To check out the whole spring collection click here.


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