How I’ve Kept my Sanity During Shelter-In-Place

May 22, 2020

Friend! Trust me…it hasn’t been all popcorn and movies. When the shelter-in-place came rolling through the country, us small businesses really didn’t know up from down. For many of us wedding photographers, we were just starting to ramp up for our wedding seasons only to have things come to a screeching halt. I have to admit, I fell into a routine of making popcorn and spending parts of my day catching up on episodes of Law & Order SVU and Grownish. But I very quickly realized that this was also an opportunity not just for myself personally, but also for my business. So, here are a few things I’ve done to stay sane during shelter-in-place.

In my personal life I started making small changes like:

  1. Making up my bed
  2. Being consistent with my daily devotional
  3. Spending time with my family every night
  4. Cutting out some bad dietary habits
  5. Yoga or stretching

In my business I had the chance to really dig deep and I made some huge changes!

  1. Updated my home page, and am now working on the whole site 
  2. Consistency with my blogging schedule
  3. Creating social media content that slaps
  4. Applied to speak at several conferences
  5. Started an online education group for photographers

More than anything, I have started taking the time to document. In just about a year my son will be heading to college and my husband and I will be empty nesters. Can you believe that?! So, I have been taking more time with my guys, engaging in meaningful conversations, making plans for when things loosen up here in Cali, and most of all, just taking some time to create new routines that will make me a better wife, mother and business owner.

Check out the video I made from this Good Friday! And comment below and tell me what you’ve been doing to stay sane during shelter-in-place!

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