Show Grace

November 24, 2016

ty_pentecost_photography-5604Showing grace can be something that is ingrained or something that you have to practice, but as we hustle and bustle about our planning we always come across someone who kinds of just grates on us. Maybe it was the lady in the grocery store line that kept pushing her basket so close it looked like the basket was attached to your backside, or maybe it is Uncle Buck who won’t stop talking with his mouth full at the dinner table. Or maybe it was you, so focused on having the perfect table setting you screeched at your husband for putting on the wrong table cloth. I recently cried when I was preparing for my bridal showcase because my husband had the nerve to find free parking instead of parking on the curb so we could unload the van, like literally cried tears. I mean come on, we all have those times where someone showed us grace when we behaved badly or not up to par.

We live in a cynical world where we don’t give bad behavior much leeway, with our eyes rolling and hands on hips we want to make sure we let ‘that’ person know we will not tolerate or let that behavior go unnoticed. We never stop to think maybe that lady in the grocery store line finally got her paycheck and was running out to buy her babies their first turkey, or maybe this was Uncle Buck’s first dinner invite after years of a frozen dinner on Thanksgiving. Or maybe that girl crying in the Fairmont hotel parking lot recognized the sacrifice from her family both financially and emotionally that she felt failure wasn’t an option. Show grace to someone this holiday season, you really just don’t know what other people are going through. Some had a recent loss, some are feeling alone, some just don’t know any better and are just trying to do the best they can with what they have. Show grace….

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