Shine Bright Like A Diamond!

July 27, 2015

So you may or may not have heard the Diamond song by Rihanna. Talk about a catchy tune; we shine bright like diamonds in the sky. Sounds all wonderful and beautiful and makes me want to soar in the sky with my love, well at least in the song that’s what they do. Diamonds are just beautiful and even with unseen imperfections we wear them on our hands, our ears and many other places and for various reasons. They come in all shapes and sizes, and even colors. Some of the larger rocks makes us ladies swoon with envy when we spy them on another lady’s finger. This weekend I attended a women’s conference that had me on FIRE!! I chatted my husband’s ear off for a good two hours on the drive back to California, and it suddenly came to me that my future growth, in all aspects of my life, but most of all spiritually MUST be like a diamond. I shared with him that I was afraid of growing closer to God’s calling on my life, because I was afraid of the pressure and the process, but I exclaimed, “BUT WHAT ABOUT DIAMONDS”!!

Even the ones in the Rihanna song started from somewhere, they didn’t just start out that way. There was a process. Diamonds are formed beneath the earth under a ton of pressure and a ton of heat, throw in some carbon and wala, diamonds are formed. Check out for more information. Although I have not read this, I have often wondered why some are so much more beautiful than others? Diamonds can come out mucky yellow with clear crack and lines, while others can come out flawless, no cracks, even under the finest microscope; no color, clear as a can be. I wonder were these ones under more pressure; under more heat that by the time they came to the surface they had been through the highest amount of pressure a diamond could withstand? Were the ones that were flawed and imperfect the ones that couldn’t stand the process? Couldn’t take the heat and had to get out? Although I know in God’s word I am worth more than diamonds and gold, I don’t want to be afraid of the pressure of God in my life if it means he will make me better. The pressure of change and growth can look so ugly on the outside, like rocks and fire and carbon, well they look pretty boring if you ask me. Not something I would want to wear, but let those things fester, let God fester on the inside, and watch me explode to the surface like a diamond!! He can make the flawed flawless, and make the muck that impedes are vision clear. Let the process begin!

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