West 12 Ranch: Ariana 2015 Senior Session

July 2, 2015

I sometimes laugh when I think about what a goofball I must have been as a senior. I was a cheerleader, a musician, a group leader, and a track star. I am sure I am leaving out a few, oh did I mention I had a new guy crush like every single week!! Talk about boy crazy….gladly for my Mom the feelings were never mutual, lol. I was never really a world news buff and I did kind of live in my own little bubbly. I was a jock but I had an artsy fartsy side to me for sure. In a time when beanie babies were all the rage, and I tried to sneak and watch Indecent Proposal, I would say the world was truly my oyster.

Fast forward to 2015 where it can feel like the world is not so shiny. With social media bringing a whole new flavor to what comes across our brainwaves we are in some of our most challenging times as a society and as a country. Our class of 2015 has a whole lot more to deal with then we did, or at least it feels that way, so insert this gorgeous graduate Ariana. Her loved ones call her Ari! She is a true breath of fresh air. At a time when seniors have the persona of a thirty year old this young lady has been able to maintain her sweet spirit when being sweet is just not cool. When I first met her I was blown away at how beautiful she was and how the camera just loved her. She was so easy to pose, work with, and was excited and happy to be in front of the camera, I was thinking wow what a gem. But the more I was around her and her family the more I saw the truth behind the beauty, you see they are a praying family. Let God lead family and you can see it coming from all avenues of the people they surround themselves with. Ariana is not like your typical teenager as she has a sweet innocent about her that I hope she never loses. When I spoke a few words at her graduation party, I mentioned my husband who at 38 still has a sweet innocence about him that although he has experienced life, he doesn’t appear jaded, misused, nor has he let the world chew him up and spit him out. He walked to his own music and yet still lived out loud. I encouraged her to do the same.

I can see Ariana one day on the cover of a magazine, or even as a newscaster, an attorney, or whatever she wants to be, because the world is her oyster, look out world you are getting a real diamond!!

Thank you to West 12 Ranch for providing such an amazing backdrop for the outdoor portion of our session















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