Roosevelt Beach Wedding: Teresa & Ryan

June 23, 2015

When I was asked to do Teresa and Ryan’s engagement session I was really over the moon excited. They were so sweet, quiet, humble with a nice healthy dose of rock & roll. They then asked me to capture their special day, I was not just over the moon, but I think I did shed a little tear. Teresa is so much fun and really has such a beautiful smile that really radiates her kind and gentle spirit. Nerves are a part of any wedding, but once she had a glass of champagne and festivities got into full swing an outward excitement replaced those pesky nerves. The Oceano Hotel & Spa in Half Moon Bay is where things started to just fall into place. My assistant and I immediately started snagging items out of the room and into the main lobby of the Oceano, the lobby is gorgeous with a ton of beautiful natural light. I have had some brides who got nervous when I even looked the direction of their precious dress, not this bride she wanted those special details captured. “Take what ever you need” was all she had to say before we were running back and forth to the lobby with items in hand.




Inside the Oceano hotel rooms you will find beautiful fireplaces and lots of room for bridal prep. IMG_4425


Special moment with the bride as she remembers her brother. His dog tags hung from her bridal bouquet and he was a part of her day from the very beginning. Her stolen moment brought a tear to even those who had never met him..ehh ehh yah that would be me.




The time had finally arrive to get this gorgeous bride into her KHCF Bridal dress. So much fun short and sassy with a blue petticoat to match her Bettie Paige Alicia Shoes. Nothing like your bestie bustling you up for your special day. IMG_4554

Just a couple of final touches.


Ready to meet her handsome groom.

IMG_4623 oceano-weddings-typenrecostphotography6

Some special love notes to remind them about the special bond they are creating with their new blended family. Having a blended family of my own, I know exactly what this feels like.


Across the way you Ryan was getting ready to meet his gorgeous bride. His little man helped him get his final touches together. 2015-06-22_0010


Deep in thought getting ready to start on a new life long journey.


Time to get this wedding started at the beautiful Roosevelt Beach in Half Moon Bay. This beach is rated high because it is beautiful and clean with a clear shot directly to the water. Nicole Downing Events did a beautiful job creating a tasteful beach theme with the elements available. The couple had a cute heart alter with their initials to stand in as they said their vows. rooseveltbeach-halfmoonbay-weddings-typentecostphotography



Rings exchanged, vows completed.


Now its time for that kiss. And let me tell you, they are sooooo in love camera no camera this couple has got the most wonderful chemistry they made me want to text my hubby and tell him I missed him, and as soon as I had the chance, I did!!IMG_4804


Cover your eyes kids, they are at it again!!


Blended families are a blessing and a new beginning for everyone involved. I can’t say enough how awesome Teresa and Ryan are and I know they are going to make great step-parents to each others kids. IMG_4923

Mr. and Mrs get a chance to steal some time and kisses alone.








The celebration continued at Via Uno Restaurant in Half Moon Bay where the new couple and guest dined on some of the most amazing Italian food. I had a plate myself. 🙂 Nicole Downing Events did an awesome job making the space feel warm and inviting.


Sweet Arts did a fabulous job on the cake and created on of the most creative wedding cakes I have ever seen. This sweet and humble couple definitely has a fun and artsy side to them that came out in touches throughout their special day. sweetarts-tracy-weddings-weddingcake-typentecostphotography

I will end with saying that this wedding really touched my heart because of their hearts. They are just good humble people. I connected because I was once a single mom and when I found love again I knew this time this was it and to see their wonderful connection should give hope to all those single parents out there that there may be someone out there that will love you, love your kids, and love every stinkin thing about you!

Special shout out to the wonderful team who made this couples day the best ever!!

Venue: Roosevelt Beach Half Moon Bay, CA

Reception Accommodations: Via Uno Restaurant

Wedding & Reception Coordination: Nicole Downing Events

Bridal Prep Accommodations: Oceano Resort & Spa

Officiant:Naiome Sandoval

Hair & Make-Up:Crystal Puccini Photography: Ty Pentecost Photography

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