Random Acts

May 26, 2016

My brother-in-law has always been one of the most thoughtful people I know. When I was younger he taught me how to defend myself against attackers, made sure he sent me a card or chocolate on Valentines Day, and has always had an open door policy to his home, or a shoulder to cry on when I had my heart broken. Now as a married woman he no longer needs to advise me on the ways of teenage heartbreak, but he still has an ever loving presence in my life and even though he doesn’t know it, is still teaching me life lessons.

This weekend while visiting he brought me a mug that looked like a camera lens. He was so excited for me to open it, unknowing that a client had recently bought me the exact same coffee mug. I didn’t for a split second think “oh wow I already have this”, my mind went to”wow, this guy is always thinking of me and is my brother, I am so blessed to have him.” My sister is one blessed gal, and I know he feels like the lucky one. My son, not one to mince words of course blurted out that I already had one, but I ensured my brother (in-law) that his gift meant the world to me, the thought and love he has always shown me, he was my big brother growing up and he is still my big brother now. My life lesson is to show the people around me more love, doing more random acts of kindness. A phone call, a small token of love, as tomorrow isn’t promised but today…well today is one more day for me to show each and every one of you…I love you. TYP_0925

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