Planning the Best Bachelorette Party Ever!! Maid-Of-Honor Edition

March 18, 2016

Ok girl, you got a lot on your plate! You are being challenged to plan the best bachelorette for your girl, like ever! It has to be huge, you have to party, you have to look hot! You want this to be the best night ever for your girl so here are a few fun tips to get you started!

  1. Picking a location can be the hardest part of the experience. Do you choose the city in the desert? Or bikini’s on the beach? A great idea would be to have your bride write down all of the cities that have meaning to her and places she would like to go. Try and keep in mind budget’s as committing to a wedding can be expensive, but this is her night so you don’t want to cut too many corners.
  2. Picking a date can be a task when you have out of town participants. You might be tempted to plan a bachelorette the night before the wedding since you are going to all be in one place…DON’T DO IT!! Your bride needs her rest! The last thing the bride is going to want is bags under her eyes and a throbbing head during her wedding ceremony. Try and plan the bachelorette a few months out from the big day.
  3. Picking a theme can be lot’s of fun. This is your chance to get creative and really connect with your brides fun side. Try and pick a theme she will enjoy and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. It is ok if your bride wants to keep things on the more traditional side, but the theme should reflect her personality and something her friends can connect to, because it is SO HER! IMG_9110
  4. Eat Up! Before the festivities begin make sure to get the bride fed. Plan a fun dinner to get the party started. Make sure to plan ahead to ensure there are vegan and vegetarian options. One of the worst things someone can do is enjoy a night out on an empty stomach, you will pay for it in the morning. Make sure to call ahead to the restaurant and get a reservation, more than likely you are celebrating on a weekend and the last thing you want is to get stuck waiting to get served. IMG_8910
  5. Be safe! I can’t stress this one enough. Not everyone has cocktails on their bachelorette but if you do, hire a limo or catch an Uber! Most cities now offer Uber service if you just want to jet set around town. There is always the friend who says she will be the designated driver and then she is miserable the whole night feeling like she is missing out on the fun, or you catch her in the corner sipping cocktails off the empty tables! (JK) Either way make easy and stress free on everyone and plan for transportation. IMG_9065
  6. Be selfie ready! Make sure to communicate with the bride and the other attendees how they should dress. Even if it is a surprise to the bride, let her know if she should plan on hair and make-up, should she dress up, or pack a bikini. You want her prepared for the night, without telling her the whole plan. You will be taking lot’s of pictures, or better yet hire a professional photographer, as their selfies will be much better then yours! IMG_9052IMG_9058
  7. Create cute party favors for bride and her girls to remember this epic night! You can DIY or buy something epic, but make sure they have something awesome to take away with them. And it is a great way to say thank you!IMG_8862
  8. Give the bride a special gift. You can plan this out with the other attendee’s and come together with a gift that will hold meaning for her. If you know she is sentimental, maybe some handwritten notes in a bottle, or maybe she is a bit wild, so some kinky lingerie. Either way come together and get her something and memorable. IMG_8853
  9. Get the groom to plan something special! We know it is all about the ladies during a bachelorette but your bride will swoon if she get’s a little something special from her man. Coordinate with him and maybe have him send over a bottle of her favorite champagne to the dinner table to get the night started. Maybe have him send flowers or chocolate covered strawberries to the hotel room. Trust me she will love the idea that her man is thinking of her while she is away!
  10. Have a blast! Girl get out there and shake your money maker, get massages, but you worked hard to plan a memorable time for your girl, now it is time to unwind and have some fun. Planning an event can be stressful, now this is your chance to see it all come together and not everything will be perfect, but that is all part of the fun. Bachelorette Party Poppin Bottles

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