Summer: Olympic Bound

March 11, 2016

If I told you I could run faster, throw farther, and jump higher than you, would you believe it? I can bench press more than you, squat more than you, and out train you on my worst day, would you believe it? I train at dusk, work full time, and train again and dawn, do you? If you answered yes to all of these questions then you may just be Summer, Olympic level discus thrower. She is faster, stronger and trains harder then you and me. She sacrifices sleep, and rest, and hot fudge sundae’s to work towards her goal.

I am not sure when Summer’s Olympic dream started, but when I met her when we were both competing against each other in college, I knew I was in the presence of greatness. She immediately struck me as down to earth, so when our paths crossed after college it was no shock that a friendship blossomed. Training as an elite athlete is a whole different ball game than being on a schedule as part of college team. The amount of sacrifice and dedication to become an Olympic hopeful can be lonely, tiring, and daunting and Summer has taken on this challenge and is pushing herself to greatness. She already has the Olympic A standard mark and all she needs is a top 3 placement at the Olympic trials and she is booking her ticket to Brazil!

Discus throwing isn’t the flashiest event on the track, and you may be lucky to catch a glimpse of it on TV during track and field coverage, some of you may never have even heard of discus throwing. Now that you know a little more, I hope you follow my friend Summer’s journey, and watch her achieve her dreams in making the 2016 Olympic team. Best of wishes Summer you know I am A FAN!!!! and a friend.

Track along with how Summer is doing this season on USATF.

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  1. Paul Troppy says:

    . Go summer go. We at the empire are cheering for you

  2. Dave Tousignant says:

    Good luck you ll reach it

  3. Janine (Tessarzik) Kuestner says:

    Summer, I’m so glad that you are still throwing and pursuing this dream! Way to represent upstate NY!!

  4. Lloyd Hedenland Jr says:

    Incredible Woman, Incredible Dream, Incredible Finish..I know you’ll be INCREDIBLE.!!!

  5. Tom Acker says:

    Get ’em, kid! Good luck.

  6. John Marshall says:

    Summer, I’m so pleased that you are really going for it. You are an amazing woman. It is my great pleasure to know you. You give me inspiration as I try to labor at the mundane and tiny tasks that I confronted each day. I am rooting for you as hard as I know how. Good luck. Please keep me informed. And thanks very much for sharing this with me. Great pictures. John

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