Next Chapter: This Girl Turns 40!

August 11, 2015

When I start to approach a major life event I always reminisce. I started thinking about friendships this week and thinking about what they mean to me. I have some friends I talk to daily, some monthly, and some even once a year. I have some close, some that have clear boundaries, and some where we share things that would make Nikki Minaj cringe. As I approach my 40th birthday this Friday I have been thinking a lot about my friend Nikki. I lost Nikki a few years back and I was devastated. There are not many friends that you can literally talk to every single day and never get tired of hearing their voice, or seeing their words come across your phone or chat message, even when we were in a tiff. After years of her being gone her memories make me do two things, cry uncontrollably or laugh uncontrollably.

I got called “trick” so much, I literally thought that was my name. Oh and I was also renamed Sapphire Star, cause she said I shinned!! She was Diamond, if you haven’t seen “Players Club” then you might think we were talking about Rainbow Bright, but we weren’t, lol. I can still hear her saying “What you doing, trrriiiccckkk”, she always dragged out that part, LOL. We would talk on the phone and envision being old grannies together and she would say,”Lawd gal we almost 40, what we gone do TyBeezy?” Don’t get me wrong Nikki was educated and could form a perfectly formulated sentence, and yes her grammar was better then mine, but she knew just the right combo of words to get me laughing even on the days I wanted to cry.

We always talked about being friends for a lifetime, who knew a lifetime would be this short. (I can barely type this as I can’t see the screen through my hysterics, yes today is a crying day) We would be grannies sitting in our rockers and have houses next door to one another, LOL, oh and did I mention she was going to have another baby only for the sole purpose to have an arranged married with Todd, that way our families could be bound together for life, LOL. Needless to say my friend was so much fun, so funny, and she loved; she loved folks so deeply, I think that is why our hearts really connected. She loved her babies most of all; “Well girl, they all growd up now! They are beautiful and they look just like you girl!” We had a sister hood of mutual respect, love, and emotional and sometimes financial support. Our friendship came with no judgements, no matter how crazy we acted. We checked each other, told each other when the other was wrong, and never let anything come between our friendship bond.

I am so grateful for my wedding photographer, as he captured one of the rare pictures of us together. We only had a few, the other pics, well those just can’t be shared YALL! Friday is my birthday and I enter this new chapter in life with other great and wonderful friendships and I am so blessed to have. I now know the meaning of a reason, a season, and a lifetime. Don’t be afraid to call your friend today and tell them, you love them!


  1. Michelle Logan says:

    Just beautiful!

  2. stephanie says:

    So sweet and heartwarming

  3. Pamela H says:

    Happy almost birthday. And thank you for the beautiful tribute to your friend.

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