Kyla & Ryan: Donner Memorial State Park Engagement Session

March 15, 2016

These two love birds got engaged in the warmth of the Hawaiian Islands and decided to take their engagement pictures in the blistering cold of the beautiful Truckee, CA mountains. Kyla and Ryan’s entire session was magical, as fresh snow covered every inch of the grounds and dusted every tree. All of the white made the blue in Kyla’s dress pop in every single image. We didn’t have to go far into Donner Memorial State Park to before we were surrounded by massive trees and beautiful iced streams.

Kyla and Ryan’s love shinned through in every single image and their laughter was contagious. Every second spent, myself and my trusty assistant (my hubby) was laughing and completely drawn in by Kyla and Ryan’s connection. I never once had to prompt her to smile, as soon as Ryan looked in Kyla’s direction a wide grin would cover her face, with giggles soon to follow. It is not every day that you come across two people that can genuinely light each other up! There was no need for Christmas lights during this holiday engagement shoot, Kyle and Ryan were shinning bright enough. Here are a few pictures captured during their magical session.

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