Krysten & Eric: Alviso Adobe Pleasanton, CA Family Session

May 11, 2016

The gorgeous spring light at Alviso Adobe Park really brought this family session to life. Krysten and Eric’s adorable family brought lot’s of laughter and smiles to their session without even needing to be prompted, even baby Steven got in on the giggles. One of the things Krysten mentioned that she wanted out of out time together was lot’s of smiles and laughter, and we got just that.

This laid back gaming family brought their own style to their session with adorable Converse. My favorite was the pink! Isabelle was so much fun to work with and was down to try anything I asked. She ran through the weeds and jumped off of rocks, all while still slowing down to give her baby brother lot’s of snuggles and love. You can tell being a big sis is something she loves. Alviso_Adobe_Pleasanton_Family_Pictures-3Alviso_Adobe_Pleasanton_Family_Pictures-2Alviso_Adobe_Pleasanton_Family_Pictures-1Alviso_Adobe_Pleasanton_Family_Pictures-4Alviso_Adobe_Pleasanton_Family_Pictures-24Alviso_Adobe_Pleasanton_Family_Pictures-5Alviso_Adobe_Pleasanton_Family_Pictures-6Alviso_Adobe_Pleasanton_Family_Pictures-9Alviso_Adobe_Pleasanton_Family_Pictures-18Alviso_Adobe_Pleasanton_Family_Pictures-17Alviso_Adobe_Pleasanton_Family_Pictures-8Alviso_Adobe_Pleasanton_Family_Pictures-14Alviso_Adobe_Pleasanton_Family_Pictures-152016-05-11_0001Alviso_Adobe_Pleasanton_Family_Pictures-12Alviso_Adobe_Pleasanton_Family_Pictures-11Alviso_Adobe_Pleasanton_Family_Pictures-10Alviso_Adobe_Pleasanton_Family_Pictures-23Alviso_Adobe_Pleasanton_Family_Pictures-22Alviso_Adobe_Pleasanton_Family_Pictures-19Alviso_Adobe_Pleasanton_Family_Pictures-20Alviso_Adobe_Pleasanton_Family_Pictures-21

  1. Love this whole shoot! And the East Bay Hills are so beautiful this time of year! Great job, wonderful happy looking family!

  2. Krysten Hahn says:

    I love how these turned out! Thank you so much! I am in love with these photos. You captured my family perfectly. <3

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