Kim & Tommy The Highlands Estate Wedding Cloverdale, CA

October 1, 2019

If your looking for the perfect meet cute, followed by a whirlwind romance and first comes love, then comes marriage then comes baby in a baby carriage, then you can just stop reading here. Being a hopeless romantic myself, I can sometimes find myself drawn to all the perfect stories wrapped in a pretty bow that the Hallmark channel plays night and day during the holidays. I know I am not the only one! In December of 2017 Tommy took Kim and their daughter Charlie to a winter wonderland set up in town. It was there that Tommy got on one knee and promised to commit himself to Kim and their new family.

So it is right about now you might be thinking this all sounds very Lifetimeish…however let’s take a little step back. Kim and Tommy were both at very low points in their lives when their paths crossed. Kim, a recently retired college soccer star found herself struggling with addiction and had a hard time adjusting to life after college, and Tommy found himself struggling with addiction after touring on the road with a country star. These two met at a sober living environment after each separately deciding it was time for a change and entering AA. Kim and Tommy became inseparable and before they knew it they found themselves booted out of sober living, expecting a child, homeless, and in Kim’s own words…terrified, but yet in love.

So fast forward to today! 6 months shy of 6 years of sobriety, two children, successful careers and homeowners. They are a long way from those new parents who caught the bus to work across town and scared out of their minds with how they would make this work all while working their 12 step programs. Sorry if today’s post seems long but it is near and dear to my own heart as I have had family lose their battles and their lives to addiction, but here these two have thrived, stayed sober and clean and are amazing parents. Their love for one another was so clear on their wedding day, a level of trust and commitment that no one can really understand but them. I watched tears stream from Kim’s eyes as Tommy read his personal vows, I watched them grinning as they realized that they had purchased each other the same wedding day gifts, and I watched two people commit not just 6 years but a forever together! God bless you Tommy and Kim…you are a true testement to faith, overcoming, and grit!

Check out these amazing wedding vendors that made Tommy & Kim’s wedding dreams come true:

Venue: @thehighlandsestate
Wedding Planner: @simplecountryweddings 👄: @afterglowmakeup_  🌺: @groheflorists 🌮: @circa53catering  📷: @typentecost 🎞 Scanned: @photovisionprints

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