Jim & Jane: Pollock Pines Winter Wedding

January 7, 2016

Snow covered the ground in patches as I rounded the mountains to Jane and Jim’s home in Pollock Pines. I remember as I was going up and up I prayed that the Lord would have me to make it as the roads were windy and a little (LOT) scary. Jane had asked me if I was comfortable driving in the mountains, and of course me, “why yes!” When I arrived the house it was bustling with close friends and relatives and Jane and I bonded right away. You see, Jane and I didn’t meet in my traditional way of meeting with a new bride, there was no engagement session or bridal consultation, I had heard about a bride who’s wedding photographer canceled last minute and she was in urgent need of someone so we chatted over the phone and text back and forth until we both had a good sense of her special day.

Once I had arrived at the home, Jane shared how Jim and her had first met and how on date one, they had danced the night away. Jane is a former ice skater and she loves to dance. She chose to marry Jim in a beautiful gold sequenced gown that she added details to herself, which included a gorgeous handmade headpiece and bouquet. She said the first time we talked that she was into bling and that she was known as “glamma”. Well she was spot on because her whole wedding was blinged out with gorgeous details from start to finish. The ceremony was held on a private property with a family church on gorgeous estate which let in the most beautiful sunlight. After the ceremony family and friends went to Jane and Jim’s favorite steakhouse where they celebrated and danced the night away with the couples closest family and friends.


Jane’s gorgeous dress hanging from one of the barns on their lovely property.2016-01-06_0023

Jane’s added embellishments and handmade birdcage headpiece. 2016-01-06_00062016-01-06_00242016-01-06_0003

These two were smiles and giggles the whole day.2016-01-06_00262016-01-06_00072016-01-06_00102016-01-06_00372016-01-06_00022016-01-06_00082016-01-06_00392016-01-07_0001

They decided to do a first look, which gave us an opportunity to take come beautiful bridal portraits before their trip down the aisle.2016-01-06_00272016-01-06_00282016-01-06_00012016-01-06_00302016-01-06_00312016-01-06_00322016-01-06_00122016-01-06_00332016-01-06_00132016-01-06_0014

Jane being escorted down the aisle by her father.2016-01-06_00202016-01-06_00042016-01-06_00112016-01-06_00342016-01-06_0017

“With this ring, I thee wed!”2016-01-06_00052016-01-06_00182016-01-06_00192016-01-06_0025

Jane ready to boogie…2016-01-06_00442016-01-06_0043

Jane and Jim cutting their lovely winter themed wedding cake.2016-01-06_0040

Of course it was also blinged out.2016-01-06_00412016-01-06_0042

First dance as husband and wife.2016-01-06_0035

A dance with daddy.2016-01-06_00292016-01-06_00362016-01-06_0009

Jane, Jim and her parents get down and boogie!2016-01-06_00462016-01-06_0047

May the smiles and kisses last a lifetime!2016-01-06_0045

  1. Beautiful wedding photos. And that sparkly wedding dress is gorgeous.

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