How to Prepare for Your Senior Photos

August 18, 2021

Hey friends! Y’all know that I love a good senior session. And I love when a senior comes to SLAY. That’s exactly what Lillian did! She was not playing before and during her session. And it made this session so AMAZING! I could tell that Lillian really took it upon herself to prepare for her session. So, I teamed up with her to put together a list of tips for how to prepare for your senior photos.

Splurge on Hair & Makeup

And splurge on yourself! Investing in professional hair and makeup will make you feel like a star! Pamper yourself. Treat yourself. And walk into your session feeling yourself. Awesome hair and makeup will make you feel confident, happy, and beautiful, and will make you love your photos even more.

Focus on the ‘Fit

It’s pretty obvious that outfits are super important to photos. But, what’s even more important is the fit of those ‘fits. Make sure your clothing is well-fitted, meaning not too tight and not too baggy. Wearing clothing that compliments your body and makes you feel comfortable will help you feel confident, comfortable, and beautiful.

Location, Location, Location!

Senior photos are just as much about location as they are about anything else. Infuse a bit of your personality into your session by choosing locations that are meaningful. Love your hometown? Let’s explore downtown. Love sports? Let’s go to your sports arena or field. Love flowers? Let’s find a wildflower field. Whatever you love, lets do it! And, bonus, choosing multiple locations will give you a ton of variety in your photos.

Be Open-Minded, Trustful, & Communicative

Look, it’s a given that your photographer is going to ask you to do something strange. A pose, an expression, a crazy dance move, whatever. Be open-minded and trust that your photographer is only doing things that look good, even if they feel weird.

As Lillian said, “Go to the session with an open mind. Different posing and placing that you may think you won’t like can actually end up becoming some of your favorite pictures.”

One way to make sure you trust your photographer is to get to know them! Lillian said it perfectly when she said, “Get comfortable with the photographer; the more comfortable you are, the less awkward it will feel when taking pictures! Become friends with them and the photos will come more naturally.”

And, you know that communication is key. Lillian said, “Communicate with your photographer, discuss ideas that you have in mind and don’t be afraid to say that you like or dislike something.”

Bring a Hype Person

Your momma, your best friend, a cheerleader, whoever. Bring someone who will cheer you on, advocate for you, and hype you up. This is especially important if you don’t know your photographer or if you want another set of eyes to help with poses and photo selection.

Have Fun & Be Yourself!

Lillian swears by living in the moment and not worrying about the end result of the photos. And I totally agree! That’s the best way to be able to have fun! Being relaxed and just enjoying the moment will help your happiness shine through and show the real you in your photos. And, it’s so important to be yourself. In the words of the ultra wise Lillian, “You are even more beautiful or handsome than you realize, so don’t stress about ‘not looking good enough’ for your pictures. They will turn out amazing as long as you show the true you!”

I hope these tips for how to prepare for senior photos are helpful! Do you have any tips to add? Drop them in the comments below!

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