How to Prep for Your Family Photos

October 29, 2020

Tis the season for family photos! If you’re like most families out there, you’ve probably hired your photographer, started planning your family photo session, and are now stuck on the age old question: what do I wear? Well, friends, I’ve got you. If you’re wondering how to prepare for family photos, well this post is for you!


Wardrobe is probably the most stressful part of planning for a family photo session. But, it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few things to remember when planning and coordinating your wardrobe.


Color coordination is the #1 thing you should focus on. Here’s the thing: you want to be color coordinated, but not matchy-matchy. Please please please don’t be matchy-matchy! Instead, pick a main color (or palette) and build everyone’s wardrobe around that. The Howard family, pictured here, chose pastels and nudes for their palette. Going this route means they match well, but they’re not all wearing the same thing.

You can also choose a main color and a complimentary color to build your wardrobe. For example, navy blue is a great main color. A really great complimentary color for navy is burnt orange. So, maybe someone in your family wears a navy dress with a burnt orange scarf. Another person wears navy pants with a burnt orange sweater. Someone else wears khaki pants, a navy sweater, and an orange necklace. I think you get what I’m saying…


It’s also super important to consider the environment and location when you’re selecting your wardrobe. If you’re having your family photos done in the country, you probably shouldn’t wear a formal dress and heels. Also, if you’re feeling the urban vibe for your location, don’t wear cowboy boots! Make sure your wardrobe compliments your location!


Finally, make sure you stay true to your style. Don’t force a wardrobe that doesn’t feel like “you.” Make sure whatever you choose feels authentic and true to you and your family.

Hair & Makeup & Grooming

To make sure you feel your very best and you absolutely LOVE your photos, take some time to groom! Ladies, splurge on professional hair and makeup before your session. Guys, get a fresh cut and have your facial hair trimmed. Feeling fresh will guarantee you’ll be feeling good during your photos.

Attitude is Everything

Just like most things in life, attitude is everything. Coming into a family session with a positive attitude will let you have fun and enjoy the session. And that means you’ll love your photos and always have great memories of the time spent together during your session. Sometimes families don’t see each other often, just like the Howard family, shown here. So, use your photo session as an opportunity to spend time and have fun with your loved ones. You don’t get this time together every day!

I hope these tips help you with the stresses of how to prepare for family photos! Do you have more tips to share with people preparing for their photos? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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