Haley and Travis: Alviso Adobe Engagement Session

September 30, 2015

Alviso Adobe Community Park in Pleasanton was a perfect backdrop for a couple in love. Haley and Travis took full advantage of the landscape, just like they took advantage of my summer engagement session giveaway! I was so excited when their name was selected, and even more excited when I heard we would be having Cheyenne, their adorable “well-behaved” four-legged baby. I am not going to lie, I immediately imagined Samson tearing around the pack, busting through locked doors, and eating everything in sight, including bark. I started to sweat bullets when I heard about Cheyenne, but I was assured she was well-behaved, and they were right. Cheyenne, unlike my wild Samson, takes commands and is a sweet little girl who was picture ready. (Check the image with her stalking her parents. :-))

Haley and Travis met in high school and have been inseparable ever since! After 9yrs together Travis proposed to Haley on a romantic Alaskan cruise. Just in my short time with them you can feel their mutual respect and love for each other. I just love how they fell into each others arms with so much adoration for each other. When I heard how long they were together I was pretty surprised as they still felt so fresh and new. I am so excited I had the chance to capture the essence of their love at this adorable engagement session.





















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