Fashion is a Habit!!

July 14, 2015

So anyone who knows me, knows I am not the fashionista, and as a matter of fact when I do look sort of nice I get lot’s of shocked and oohhhs from my friends and family that know me, lol. I have been and always will be a tomboy. I love my sweats and my stretchy pants, I sometimes wear make-up and I really hate doing my hair. I grew up around fashion forward ladies but I would have rather pulled my teeth out then sit in the beauticians chair and got my hair hot combed. The one thing I can say is I did match my clothes at least.

As I have gotten older and can appreciate beautiful clothing and accessories, I would say I do put more of an effort into my look, well just a little :-). One of my favorite clients looks like she came off of a fashion magazine and I can honestly say I did go out and buy a few things since I have worked with her.

Doniel contacted me and asked me to shoot a few sessions for her for a fashion blog she was starting up Styles By Doniel. My heart almost jumped out of my chest when she reached out to me. She is a vice president of a fortune 500 company, smart, intelligent, and most of all just good people. Working with her I had a chance to get a closer look into who she is as a person and not just from what I saw of her at work. She is funny, sassy and focused. All the beautiful clothes that you see her wearing are a part of her love language that she is speaking for the day. She is bright, bold and sophisticated, all shown through her fabulous pieces that she meticulously finds and pieces together. I love the fact that on her blog you have the ability to find and purchase her pieces through the Shop My Closet section.

Doniel has given me a new appreciation for clothing and I am excited to share a few of the cute new pieces I have personally picked up. To see just a smidget of her amazing pieces check out the pictures below.

  1. Michelle Logan says:

    You spoke the truth my Sista! Girl the pictures are fabulous.

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