Fall Changes

October 12, 2015

Hi Friends,

So I am still new to this whole blogging thingy, but I am having lot’s of fun sharing my thoughts on life, photography, and sharing my clients stories with you. Every fall season business sometimes hibernate like bears, wellll not literally, but they do take the time to reevaluate, plan and implement changes for the new year. Well I literally hibernate like a bear, JK! I do start to think of ways to enhance and improve my clients experience. It is fun to reflect on the previous year and take on the start, stop, and continue approach. I will STOP editing images during Scandal, I have to keep rewinding too many times!!! LOL I will START offering print services to my clients, I will CONTINUE to engage with each and ever client, you guys are like my extended family!

So in the spirit of change I am excited to announce some fun enhancements to the blog. First I am going to add a Featured Artist section. In this section you will get to read about other artist like myself, as well as florist, make-up artist and anything else wedding or general photography related. There are some amazing talented people out there that I want you to hear about!

Second I will be adding a bridal corner. There you will find such things as tips on what to wear for your engagement session, what are the best eyelash enhancements in the business, and much much more. Can I say I am very personally engaged with this section, being a jock most of my life.

Third, every single client has a story. I want to share your story and our experience together with other readers. I have in the past hand picked which sessions to share, but I want to let you know you are all special to me, wether we are doing a 30min mini session or a full blown 10hr wedding you will get a featured spot. Of course privacy will always be respected.

Lastly, my friends know how much I LOVE education. I am learning and growing and I want those who are interested and like minded to do the same. If it wasn’t for other photographers and friends helping me along the way I would not be in this spot with my business right now. I will be adding education under my photography section. Wether you are a newbie photog who just wants to be a novice, or if you are working on establishing yourself in the photography industry like me, lets learn and grow together! I will add settings to images that I share, lighting tips and tricks, as well as some behind the scene videos where you can watch me work, and sometimes make a bit of a goof out of myself, cause guess what, that’s just who I am, lol!!

So whoo, there you have it, a few changes to get us revved up for the new year. Doesn’t that sound weird? We are already talking about the new year!!

  1. This sounds amazing! I love it!

  2. Roger D King says:

    EXCELLENT!!! sooo glad you are “Embrace”ing all that there is to offer and the potential of it!


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