Daceia & Dethrick: Livermore Wente Vineyards Engagement Session

January 20, 2016

These lovebirds first met through a Facebook group, and after deciding to meet at a mixer soon after have been going strong every since. They knew they wanted a future together and Dethrick decided he couldn’t wait another day when he popped the question while watching one of their favorite tv shows winding down for the night.

Wente Vineyards in Livermore, CA was the perfect backdrop for Daceia and Dethricks fall engagement session. Both wearing beautiful greens they looked amazing in the gorgeous wooded area that provided their session backdrop. It was apparent that this was one of “those” couples. You know the ones that look at each other and giggle, can’t keep their hands off each other, kind of couple. I loved every minute of this shoot, they way they connected, how he looked at her and the way he was able to make her smile. I am so looking forward to shooting their Valentine’s Day wedding of love!


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