Cookie Monster

April 13, 2016

I have always been a very active person. I competed at a very high level in track and field and before that I did all kinds of fun unique sports. From gymnastics to spring board diving, if it was a sport in the Olympics, I was ready to give it a try. Throughout that time I have always been a carb loader cookie monster. If I was happy I baked cookies, if I was sad I baked cookies, new job, lost job, new car, you name it, I liked to self sooth with cookies. Now that I am older my taste changed but the behavior remains the same, I love carbs. It is this love and now lack of exercise that has me spinning out of control. My knees hurt, my back hurts and just in general I feel kind of crappy.

I’ve started a million in a half diet plans, lifestyle changes and fitness plans, and sticking to it has never worked. If I approached my health anything like I approached my love for photography this blog would not even be happening. I approach photography with an “all in” type of mentality. I trust in my abilities, crave to get better and continue learning and growing, but that has never been the way I approached my health.

I am at crossroads in my life, I am pursuing a new business and I have had a lot of change in the last month of my life. I have been so hard on myself for many years because of my weight, but never passionate about change. I recently ordered the most adorable dress from eShakti (pictured below), and I ordered a few sizes larger then what I normally wear and I was so excited when it arrived, only to find it didn’t fit! I had spent a lot of time customizing the dress with just the right neckline, length, sleeves and even pockets to hold my lens caps, so to say I was bummed was an understatement. I initially got ticked at the designer thinking, they must have mixed up the measurements, but after a reality check I realized it was actually me. So I’ve decided rather than returning the dress, to make that dress a goal. My next wedding is just a little over 30 days from now and I have made it a goal to get into that dress and slowly put the cookie monster away until Christmas time. Follow along with me as I check in every week about my journey via my YouTube Channel.


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