Animoto 1st Impressions

November 2, 2015

Hi Friends,

So I have recently starting thinking through software I wanted to use to produce my client slide shows. I asked around my photography community and they all hands down said Animoto. I had to check this “Animoto” out for myself…did it really live up to the hype?

I quickly was able to set up a new account, I even had an option to use my Facebook as a sign in. Wow this seemed like a wiz. I went right into the editing tool and started to add some images and text to a template I liked. Lastly, I wanted to add a video, a 8min video as a matter a fact and it took forever long to upload, but after some time I was excited to see what I would end up with…mmm a 10sec clip of the 8min video was all it would play, and it would not let me change what 10 seconds it would play…bummer.

Well by no means is that a deterrent for me to continue using the site, but bummer, lol. I just know next time if I want to use this tool I will need to make 10 second clips. Once I had my video all set with the templates and song choices I wanted I was able to download the video in several size formats, awesome, depending on the my target audience and what devices my audience will be using. Will they watch from their phones? Ipads?  I loved this feature!

Lastly, let’s talk cost. With three cost options available, I chose the professional option to make sure I didn’t have the Animoto logo all over my videos. Overall I am super happy with the choice and I love the different template options.

Here is a sample of a video I made for the relaunch of my Youtube channel. I literally made this in 5mins, I couldn’t be happier with the time spent and the quality.

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