Andrew & Hillary’s Bay Area Intimate Wedding

February 18, 2021

Nothing could stop these two. Not COVID, not the rain, and not even the lack of a wedding venue. These two lovebirds didn’t let anything stop them from having their wedding. And, let me tell you, their Bay Area intimate wedding was everything they (and I) hoped for and more.

In sticking with the 2020 theme of “love wins,” Hillary and Andrew were determined to get married. Hillary didn’t let all the changes deter her; she was marrying the one God had sent her. Getting married at Hillary’s family home wasn’t how these two planned to start their lives together. The plan was to get married in a church with their closest family and friends. As restrictions became more intense however, the couple decided on a last minute change. And, if I’m being honest, it was just perfect.

As she had the finishing touches of her make-up done and her mom helped her into her gown, Hillary’s nerves melted away and her smile literally lit up the day. If I were to describe her energy throughout the whole day, it would be “joyous,” as is evident in all of these photos. 

After getting ready, Andrew and his closest friends took a few minutes to stop and pray over the day. They made sure that Christ remained the center and focus of the day, which I loved. It was so special to see how they continued this throughout the day. I knew I was witnessing something special because these two stopped their ceremony and invited anyone in the audience who didn’t know Christ to come up and accept him into their lives. It was truly special to see these two God loving people invite others to share in the Good News!

A tent sheltered the guests from the rain as the couple exchanged their vows in front of their small group of guests. The rainy weather brought about a warm and cozy vibe that felt a little like cozying up to a fire with a bowl of warm soup. Heartfelt vows were read to one another. Further, Hillary couldn’t hide her excitement when they were announced husband and wife. Guests dined on delicious food prepared by the family’s neighbor, who let’s just say, probably should be a chef. They enjoyed delicious, homemade cakes for dessert. They laughed and danced and celebrated just as they would have if their original plans had played out.

It was just one of those intimate weddings that felt authentic and welcoming. I didn’t feel like an employee. Above all, I felt more like a piece of a puzzle that came together perfectly. I hope you enjoy this beautiful love story as it unfolds in imagery of their gorgeous Bay Area intimate wedding.

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