Amanda & Jake: Santa Rosa Engagement

November 4, 2015

Amanda was so smitten by Jake that when he finally worked up the nerve to introduce himself she dropped her beer all over the floor. Amanda had spotted Jake earlier in the evening and had been following him with those gorgeous eyes all night. Butterflies were not a norm for Amanda, but seeing him standing there gave her a case, and down went the beer. When he offered to buy her a new one she turned him down, maybe it was nerves or maybe it was fate. Thinking he had gotten turned down Jake left the bar that night with no way of contacting Amanda, but thankfully for social media they both put on their investigative hats and went about locating each other.

Amanda was a bit quicker and was able to locate her future beau that same night, and they “friended”each other. Jake came back to the bar to look for Amanda but she had already left, so they started messaging and agreed to meet the following night. Jake knew after date one that Amanda was meant to have his last name some day and he told her so on date one! Amanda must have known there was something different about this guy because she agreed to another date. After a few more dates Jake proposed on the spur of the moment. Have you seen this woman’s eyes?? I can understand the spur of the moment!! Jake wanted it to be more official and took Amanda and her daughters to breakfast and a day at the ocean flying kites, where he proposed in front of the girls at the same beach they had their first date. Woooh! When I heard their love story my heart swooned as it reminded me so much of me and my husband. The romance was fast and passionate and when you know, you just know!! Every single image of their engagement session captures just that, their romance, their passion, and their wanting to be connected to each other, whether it be a look, a touch, or a kiss.

































  1. Susan Beth says:

    Oh my goodness Ty! You are amazing – told a perfect story and produced the most beautiful perfect photos! Amazing!

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