Alviso Adobe Pleasanton: The Logan’s

July 16, 2015

The Logan’s, where do I even start. I have procrastinated writing this blog because when you have so much to say about someone that you could write a novel, how do you fit it all into a blog? There is too much to say!! Well let me try.

My sister Michelle and brother-in-law Willie met over 30+ years ago and they can still tell you exactly what each other was wearing and how they initially felt from the first time they laid eyes on each other. Love at first site wouldn’t even begin to cover what these two felt for each other. Together they overcame so many obstacles to date each other, but God! I can say that 100 times and every single time I know it is the truth. God had a plan for this couple he had a plan to grow and sharpen them and make them perfect for one another. They are by no means perfect, who is? But they put God first in their marriage and it shows. Some folks are blessed with shinny things, but they are blessed with shinny kids. Kids who love the Lord, respect themselves and respect their parents. If you want to see someone rich, look at my sister and her husband. Money can not buy a husband who will adore you, or a wife who will stand by your side when times get tough. A big house and a fancy car won’t bring you closer to your kids, and to spend time a little time with my niece and nephew you know these are just some good kids.

I always knew my niece was a track star, I just felt it so when she decided to compete in the long and triple jump I was thrilled. I went to China last year with habitat for humanity and my niece qualified and competed in the CA state meet, where some of the best triple jumpers in the country competed. I was SICK, I walked around the Ming dynasty museum crying my eyes out on the phone with my sister. I would have traded China one hundred times over to be there in that moment. I was beyond proud of her and I remember being crushed when she passed up scholarships for track to go to the historical black college of her dreams. Now I can see that God had a plan and to see my niece Traneek grow into the woman God has called her to be is worth the sacrifice of her being away from US. Besides myself Traneek is the first person to go away to school. We miss her every day but I am so blessed I had a chance to capture these beautiful images of her. She is beyond gorgeous.

Willie is my little baseball math wizard. He is growing up so fast and I am so glad my son has a cousin he is close with. Willie is a gentleman, he carries my bags, holds the door open for me, and makes sure my shirt isn’t tucked into the back of my jeans, lol. He doesn’t lie and I know when he tells me something it is the truth even if it means he is going to get busted by Auntie or Uncle Craig. I respect that. He’s tough on the inside and out. My son Todd outweighs him by a good forty pounds and is a good head taller then him, but he takes Todd on and reminds him, he is the oldest, although it is only by four months. He is tough on the inside too, being raised by two parents who remind him of his heritage and although he is in a sport where he doesn’t see a lot of those that look like him, he holds his head high even when sometimes things can get tough. I know he will grow to be a strong man of God who will love those around him. Plus he likes sushi like his Auntie so he is for sure meant for greatness.

My brother in law is a good man. He is just a good man, and has allowed God to lead his life. I love to hear him pray, something about his prayer is so pure, so beautiful and I always feel like he can get in touch with heaven so quickly. He is authentic and loving, and most of all he came in and filled in the gap for the father I never had. He taught me how to defend myself, how to forgive and most of all what to look for in a future mate. When I was younger I would go to Willie before I would even go to my mom or my best girlfriend because I knew the ear would be loving, soft but true. I love you Willie Logan, you were my first little girl crush!

My sister, hmmm the memories. I always had a fearful respect for my sister cause even though I was bigger and stronger then her I always thought she could beat me up so I never messed with her, lol. I am so glad to see our relationship go from a big/little sister relationship to a friendship, a real true friendship. Me and my big sister are very very different people, she doesn’t eat sushi for crying out loud, lol. But when it comes to the mother and wife I wanted to be, besides my mom I knew I wanted to be like her. She HOLDS IT DOWN! Her kids love and respect her so much because they understand the sacrifice she makes for them and the time she spends cultivating and developing them into the adults she wants them to become. Strong and independent yet a beautiful supportive backbone to her husband. She makes the word submissive take on a whole new understanding. She respects and loves her husband and she respects and loves her kids. I knew this would be long, but how can you write a short blog about people who impact your life in such a huge way.

I hope you enjoy the pics from their most recent family session.

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