Alekhya & Colin’s Marin County Engagement Photos

December 2, 2020

First of all, friends, it feels SO GOOD to be back with my couples! Loving on them and creating gorgeous photos for them! These past several months of COVID chaos has me really missing my people! Second, Alekhya and Colin’s Marin County engagement photos are EVERYTHING! I mean, I’m obsessed with them!

Alekhya and Colin met five years ago at their alma mater – MIT (what?! smarties!!). Colin graduated before Alekhya but they had mutual friends that allowed the connection to happen. They met at a bar with these mutual friends and ended up sitting next to each other and sharing a pizza. Now, that’s my kind of meet cute (gimme all the pizza nom nom nom).

They did the long distance thing for awhile. If that isn’t the truest test of a relationship, I don’t even know what is! Alekhya knew she loved Colin when she first watched him interact with her family. He loved her family immediately and knew that he wanted to be a part of it. And that was all it took for Alekhya to know he was it. He was her person. *swoon*

Alekhya and Colin got engaged just days before the shelter in place orders were announced in California. Another true test of a relationship – months of quarantine and lockdown together! I’m so glad these two passed all these tests because there’s no doubt they’re the CUTEST. I mean, just look at these photos!

Here are some of my favorites of their Marin County engagement photos!

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