5 Make-up Tips to SLAY your Professional Photo Shoot

February 6, 2017

Last week Sasha and I did a Facebook Live and we talked all about make-up and the importance to be camera ready. Here are a few of our favorite tips to help you feel confidant for your close up!


  1. Want to know some pros and cons about makeup artists? Some pros about makeup artists are that you won’t have to stress about doing it yourself, they will have the supplies, they are experienced and know what they’re doing. A few cons are that you may not like the finished look, it is a big expense, and if you know how to do your makeup well, you know your own face and what looks best on you. Sasha highly recommends giving your make-up artist pictures of the look you are going for. You will also want to take a look at their portfolio, now days that is probably going to be their Instagram page.

This makeup artist was very prepared and had a great portfolio.

2. A huge no-no in photography is a heavy SPF foundation. If you have too much SPF in your foundation, it gives off a white cast over your face. This causes you to look like your face, where your foundation is, is too white. So when it is time to look for your foundation for your photo shoot, look for a low number of SPF. If you want a glowy look then you should get the Cover FX enhancer drops and put one drop mixed with your foundation.

For my assistants senior pictures she used the Cover FX drops for a glowy look as well as her Becca highlighter. She also used the brand Ardell for her lashes.


3. Lashes!!!! Lashes are such a big deal when it comes to pictures. Having nice thick and long eyelashes bring attention to your eyes and I highly recommend them. If you are going to wear false lashes, getting lash glue that is the same color as your hair is a good idea because when the glue dries you won’t have to worry about the white color showing from the glue. On the mobile app Sephora, they have a really smart tab that is called Visual Artist and you can virtually put different false lashes on yourself with the camera phone  or a picture of you. This allows you to see if the lashes are too dramatic or too natural. A good lash brand that’s affordable is Ardell which you can find at Ulta and other brand retailers. Another good alternative to false lashes is to try fiber lashes. I have personally fallen in love the Younique 3d Fiber Lash Mascara, which I find I can apply a single layer for an every day look, or add multiple layers for a more dramatic finish. One downside is the application process can be messy if you are in a rush. 


4. Which one’s better lipsticks or lip glosses?!? Ahhh When it comes to getting your pictures taken, your lips seem to pop a lot better when you are wearing lipstick. Especially when it comes to engagements sessions, you need a long lasting lipstick or lip stain. You don’t want to have your lipstick all over your fiance’s face and then you won’t need to reapply it a lot. Kat Von D is known for all her products lasting and she has a lipstick line that is great. You don’t always need a lip liner but if you do get one, get a long lasting one and if you don’t want to get that you can use a thin brush to apply the lipstick like a liner first. Save the lip gloss for another day, as I am going to having you do lot’s of kissing during your photo shoot. 


5. What do you need to bring on your photo shoot with you?! A big thing you need to bring is lipstick because you will be reapplying it all the time to make sure your lipstick is perfect. Foundation is also very important because you never know what can happen, you may accidentally wipe your face, or it’s raining and it comes off, you will want to do some touch up. Powder is extremely important because when you wear foundation, your face usually can start to get oily throughout the day and  in case you need powder to touch up that oily area, you have it. You also should bring a spooly so that you can make sure your eyebrows are on point. The last two products to bring are your eyeliner and mascara because you will need them for touch up.


Both my assistant and I agree, these are our favorite must have products!  Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, a beauty blender, the Kat Von D Contour Palette, the Makeup Forever Smoothing Primer, Morphe brushes, and the Morphe 35O Eyeshadow Palette.


How do you prep your face?! First you need to use your cleanser and Sasha uses her  electric face brush to get a really deep clean. If you struggle with acne, a really great product is benzoyl peroxide, you apply them to your problem areas and it helps dry them out. Next, you need to moisturize. Finally put your primer on and start your makeup!


Now days vlogging is everything in the make-up world, and besides asking Sasha a million questions I literally learned to do make up by watching. Sasha’s favorite vloggers are Carli Bybel and Jaclyn Hill. My favorite vlogger is Jackie Aina, she shows how to apply flawless make-up for women of color, and I love that she calls out companies for not having a variety of options for women of color.


One last thought! To wear makeup or not to wear makeup?! The perks to wearing makeup would be to enhance your natural beauty, feel confident in yourself, and you can also cover and hide your flaws and insecurities. The downside to makeup would be that you can get allergic, breakout, and it can get expensive. I am also a advocate for you being you, while make-up can be fun and bring a touch of glam, for some of you, it is just not you, and it is extremely important to me as an artist that you come to your session feeling like your beautiful self, whether that be made up or ‘el’ natural. The more comfortable you are the more relaxed you will be for your session and the more gorgeous your pictures will turn out!

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