1 Month Anniversary Check-In

August 29, 2017

Can you believe it has been just over a month since I announced that I was going full-time!! I can’t because they days have just been flying by. Every time I come up for air it’s another weekend, another hill. Since I announced that I was going full-time, I have seen some awesome things happening in my business. I have continued to be blessed to work with new brides and families, I have continued to educate myself, and be blessed to educate others in their business ventures. I have been officially announced as a Rising Tide Society online moderator and I will be a guest speaker for Tomayia Colvin Education in the Fall. I am getting ready to launch a new experience for seniors that I couldn’t be more thrilled about, but all these blessings haven’t came without some challenges.

As soon as I announced I was going full-time I had a plan for awesomeness and I was going to take the world by storm. I was going to offer classes, take millions of classes to continue my own education and become a guru of ALL things, lol. No really, I had it all written out! Well life had other plans, and exactly the reason why I needed a flexible schedule came to light. My mom literally the next week starting having complications with her eye. There is a story with her eyes, right before Craig and I got married she had issues with both of her eyes and we were not even sure she was going to be able to see me walk down the aisle for my wedding, but God took care and although her vision has never been the same she saw me marry the love of my life and has been able to watch her grandkids grow. She is now recovering from surgery with no complications, praise God! Rewind to last Thursday when I was sitting in a basketball meeting at my son’s school and I see him walk in with a wrap from his calve to his knee and I instantly roll my eyes, in my mind I am thinking “WHAT NOW!” This kid I tell you!! When you have a kid who plays high level sports injuries are bound to happen, but my mind never went to the idea that he could be sitting out his whole Freshman year of athletics. My rolled eyes instantly went to tears as I thought about all the work he has put in to get to the level of play he is at now and how this could really impact him physically but also his spirit, so like most mama bears I wiped those tears and instantly went into cheerleader mode. This was not about me but all about how we can get him through this experience with lessons learned and motivation to move forward. As I type this we still wait to hear from the doctors on Todd’s fate, but I know and we know in the end God is in control and we trust his process.

I have had it in my heart for some time now that I need to postpone TipTuesday and Making Waves Monday until things are a little more settled on my families health front. I could easily throw content together but that is not what this is about. My goal is not to just have content, but usable content that you can take, apply and see the meter move with the goals you have set for your business. So be on the look out soon for further announcements around #typeducation. 

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