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my name is tyrenda,

I am a wedding photographer who loves to photograph beautiful luxury weddings and engagements in the Greater East Bay, California. I would define my style as a mix of lifestyle, timeless and romantic. In all of my work, I put my whole heart into every single image and my job is not done until I have displayed your love for each other on your special day in great detail. I consider myself a storyteller, as it is important for me to tell your love story from the time you are prepping for your ceremony, until you have danced the night away. I think that marriage and commitment is one of the most beautiful things that God has given us, and it should be cherished and nourished from the day you say “I do”. I always say that my business is powered by Christ, and I truly believe that! I can do all things through Christ and I continue to lift up my business to him, because I know with him all things are possible!

my friends & family call me ty


If you would have asked me in high school what my career plans were I would have given you that dazed and confused look, I really had no clue but I did know one thing, I wanted to go to the Olympics as a discus thrower. Sports was and still is a huge part of my life, and even though I never made it to the Olympics, it was my son playing sports that lead me to photography. I worked a full time job and was settled into my life as a wife and mother, but there was a creative side just waiting to come out, and who knew taking pictures of my son would be the start of a love romance with photography. It didn't take long for me to ditch the job and run full speed into my passion. I still wake up and can't believe this is my life, when only a year ago I was commuting four hours a day, missing out on my son's milestone and completely lost. I am so blessed that God has given me this gift!

my truths

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As a single mom my love story isn't your typical one. A little burned by love, I knew the only way I would ever love again is if God placed someone absolutely special in my life, someone who would love me the way God loved me and would love my son like his own. God sent me Craig, we met online and after some cat and mouse via phone, we finally met in person. He flew in from out of state to meet me and I remember my blood pressure going through the roof! He was gorgeous inside and out, and a little rough around the edges! I remember calling my mom in the bathroom of our first date and telling her this gorgeous soul could be the one. Almost a year to the day of our meeting we were married and Craig gained a wife and a son.

my love story!

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Craig - Financial analyst, light stand holder and spiritual head of our home

Ty -Photographer, business owner and dreamer who can sometimes float away if not brought back down to earth

Todd - Student - athlete sometimes human light stand, wedding assistant and sometimes third shooter

Samson - Chocolate labrador who loves to counter surf, run until he literally can't and is an amazing lap warmer

my family

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Cereal hands down! As a kid I would eat cereal for dinner whenever allowed

A warm winter fire snuggled under a blanket with my main squeeze

Coffee but must be in a cool coffee mug or it just doesn't taste as good!

Traveling is a must. A weekend getaway or a plane ride to a new country
I love traveling.

Doggie snuggles is a must on the daily

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Growing up I used to get frustrated with God thinking that it was absolutely ridiculous that I cried at every commercial and watched Princess Bride over 100x and I would still cry when the bride figured out that her prince was still alive. I wondered why God would give me this tender sensitive heart, being a discus thrower I thought it was a sign of weakness, now I fully understand the purpose behind it. I have this sensitive, romantic heart because it allows me to capture my clients from that perspective. A servant heart is where my business comes from, on your wedding day I work for you capturing your vision with my romantic spin. On my way to every session, wedding, event, I spend time in prayer, prayer that God will have his hand in your new marriage, and that God will have his hands on my eyes to see you the way he sees you. 

my why

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