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Mastering Dark Skin Tones (Module 2)
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We're so excited for our course, Mastering Dark Skin Tones, and can't wait to share the full course with you in 2022.

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Module 2 of the course is now available for purchase!

Are you looking to better photograph, capture, and edit dark skin tones? Then, you need this NOW.

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Do you find yourself struggling with dark skin tones?

You're ready to diversify your portfolio but aren’t confident in shooting and editing clients with darker skin tones. You want to attract clients from all different backgrounds but you are finding it hard to get skin tones perfect. 

In all honesty you are not alone in this struggle. From the beginning of my career I knew that I loved the beautiful classic look of film, but my digitals just simply fell flat. My darker skinned clients were either orange, washed out or blue. I made it my mission to honor the lovely skin tones that my clients had while mastering the soft classic look I knew I loved. You want to create a look ALL of your clients will love. You want to photograph and edit in a way that has your clients coming back to you over and over again...and referring all of their friends. Most of all you want to respect the beautiful tones your clients were born with.

so, let me help you be more confident, comfortable, and carefree!

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How would your business look if you could diversify your portfolio with confidence?

Attract more clients

Enjoy more opportunities for publication

Be seen as a leader in your industry as someone who can photograph anyone

Be excited by the clients who seek you out

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Earn more money as clients return again and again

Be sought after by a diverse client base

Mastering Dark Skin Tones will help you to create images that your clients love, stand out in the industry as a photographer with a diverse portfolio, and attract clients that you never had before, all in a self paced online class.

how it works

Module 1

Module 2


Understanding light when photographing darker skin tones. You will join Ty virtually from the comfort of your home as she is on location shooting models in different light sources, showing flash techniques, teaching how to use a scrim, and how to meter for correct skin tones.

Editing dark skin tones. We will review Lightroom to better understand shadows, highlights, and most importantly the HSL sliders and how these functions help create beautiful skin tones for darker skinned clients. 

Film photography + dark skin. We will discuss and demonstrate what it looks like to shoot film with darker skinned clients, then we will edit the film scans and match presets to get that perfect film aesthetic.

Module 1 will be available as a bundle for purchase in 2022!

Live Now!

Available when the bundle goes live in 2022!

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Ready to take your skills to the next level? Then, let's get started! Hop on over to the course page to purchase your ticket and gain lifetime access to Module 2 of the Mastering Dark Skin Tones course!

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after Module 2 you'll be able to...

Understand Lightroom in relation to skin tones and learn about shadows, highlights, vibrance, saturation, and most importantly, the HSL slider

Understand different skin undertones

Edit with Mastin Labs, VSCO, Noble and Archetype Process

Edit varying skin tones present in groups using brushes to achieve the final look

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I have always had the heart for empowering others. My mentoring services extend to people wanting to learn the basics about their DSLR’s all the way to learning manual settings, dramatic lighting, editing, and more. If you want to take your photography to the next level, you need a mentor. You need to invest in education. As soon as I decided I wanted to take my photography more seriously, I hired a mentor that I still work with to this day. Now, I love to pay it forward by helping others whose shoes I was once in.

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Learning how to master skin tones has earned me respect amongst my peers, attracted my dream clients and made my clients feel welcome in my business. 

frequently Asked questions

What if I don't photograph a lot of diverse clients?

Is this class in person?

How long will I have access to the class?

if I purchased during the pre-launch of Module 2, can I get the rest of the class when it launches?

Can I purchase the class at any time?

Do I need to have Lightroom or Photoshop for this class?

This class will give you the confidence to photograph more diverse clients. Diversifying your portfolio shows potential clients that you are inclusive in your business.

No, this class is online/virtual, which means it's self paced learning. You will have the opportunity to learn at your own speed and rewatch anything you may need.

You will have lifetime access to Mastering Dark Skin Tones. So, you can work at your own pace and come back to the resources at any time!

Don't worry...I got you!
Because you are part of the pre-launch you will be given a special discount on the full class!

Yes, however once the full Mastering Dark Skin Tones class launches in 2022, Module 2 will no longer be available to purchase separately.

Most of the class will be taught using Lightroom and very little reference to Photoshop. Most editing software has the items we will be discussing, it may just be in different places in your software.

Is this a good class for me?

Is this course only for professional or full time photographers?

If you want to diversify your portfolio with confidence and learn to master editing dark skin tones, then this is the class for you.

Absolutely not! This class is for anyone who edits their photos and wants to photograph diverse subject matter. 

I have more questions: who can I reach out to?

I would love to hear from you! Send me an email with any questions.

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+ Learn to Meter for dark skin tones & groups

+ How to use reflectors and flash to create soft light

+ Learn to photograph in various lighting situations

+ Plus all of Module 2 and Bonus Materials!

+ Understand the power of HSL sliders

+ Identify skin undertones

+ Create dreamy edits with film presets

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+ Edit multiple skin tones

+ Finding natural reflectors for natural light images

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