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Chrissy & Brian: Quail Lodge Golf Club Wedding Carmel, CA

When I drove through the mountains of gorgeous Carmel I immediately knew that this wedding was going to be something special. I could feel my heart beating in my chest as I drove through Quail Lodge with it’s beautiful green golf course, multiple lakes and sprawling estates. A far cry from my little developing town, Mountain House, where I am raising my family. It’s all schools and education and stuff, but Quail Lodge screams relaxation and luxury. I remember calling my mom and saying, “Mom I am so nervous I might drop my camera in the water”, and she quickly reminded me, there is a reason she, being Katie Baldi with Katie Baldi Photography, called you and trust you to shoot with her, “your work is beautiful and you work hard and it shows”, she said. We ended the call and I remember thinking, she kinda has to say that she is my mom after all, lol. She is always one of my biggest fans and cheerleaders.

I said a quick prayer, like I always do, asking God to allow me to show the couples happiness and beauty through my lens, and the day went just as such. Chrissy and Brian were amazing, their loved shinned through every single image. They exchanged vows overlooking one of the many lakes and with 100 closest friend and families they committed themselves to one another. Chrissy’s smile was contagious as she beamed throughout the whole day. Brian adores Chrissy and you can just tell from the way he touches and holds her. Their family was so much fun and down to earth and were grateful to be having this cherished memories documented to share with future generations. By the time my camera came out of my bag, my nerves were gone and I focused on showcasing their love for each other.

We were able to capture some lovely sunset images on the golf course and guest enjoyed a fun filled cocktail hour. Guest enjoyed a beautiful meal created by the Qual Lodge staff, and I was even allowed back into the kitchen to snag a few images before the food was brought out to the tables. The chef greeted me personally and was thankful that I wanted to capture his work. Chrissy kept in her true fun fashion as she smashed a little cake into Brian’s face during the cake cutting, creating an even sweeter kiss. Once guest finished dining they were given sandals to rest their feet and prepare for a night of dancing, and dance they did…until the wheels fell off!! I had such a great time at this wedding and wanted to share a few images from my day.
IMG_5856 Qual lodge carmel wedding Carmel Country Club Wedding4 Carmel Country Club Wedding2 qual lodge carmel wedding qual lodge carmel wedding qual lodge carmel wedding IMG_6160 Carmel Country Club Wedding5 Carmel County Club Wedding3 qual lodge carmel wedding IMG_6227 IMG_6231 carmel quail lodge wedding IMG_6272 IMG_6358 IMG_6395 IMG_6399 IMG_6652 IMG_6654 IMG_6670 IMG_6675 IMG_6679 IMG_6695 IMG_6698 IMG_6707 IMG_6715 IMG_6718 Country Club Wedding Carmel Carmel Country Club Wedding1 Carmel Country Club Wedding Carmel County Clun Wedding7 Carmel Country Club Wedding 8 IMG_6792 IMG_6799 IMG_6805 IMG_6508 Carmel Country Club Wedding 6

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