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Ashley & Cameron: Fall Auburn Wedding

Ashley and Cameron got married on a beautiful fall day overlooking the lake on the groom’s parent’s sprawling Auburn property. This day was bigger than Ashley and Cameron and included adorning watchful eyes that would be forever impacted by their union.  Ashley was overcome with tears early in the day overwhelmed with the thought of the personal commitment Cameron was making not just to her but to her daughter, BellaBoth Cameron and Ashley had some pre-ceremony shenanigans with their closest friends and but also had special moments too. Ashley was escorted down the long stretch from the house to the start of the aisle by Cameron’s father and then handed over to the arms of her own father.  Due to health issues, no one thought it was possible, but he was determined to escort his baby girl down the aisle and he accomplished just that. There was not a dry eye in the house when Cameron bent down to give his personal commitment of love and protection to Bella.   When the exchange of vows was complete they were all now one family connected not just by love but by recognized as such but all and the law too.

The wedding party, their closest friends and family dinned under a beautiful outdoor tent.  Their guests were treated to a smores bar and cotton candy. Having met in a club, Ashley and Cameron made sure that the DJ was spinning the latest beats that kept the dance floor full and I even did a little jig myself. 

Caterer: California Catering Company

Party Rentals: Celebrations Party Rentals

DJ: Danny Fisher’s Music Magic

Make-up Artist: Tina Marie

Hair Stylist: Jessica Stone

Floral Designer: La Breyer Dine and Design

Cake Designer: Paddy Cakes

Vintage Rentals: Simple Country Weddings


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